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Posted by valhallahound on 2007.05.06 at 21:21
Attention all Hellhounds!!

The Hellhound RP forums are now OPEN!!!

After a bit of a hiatus and some difficult times, the forum is finally open for business again! Please resubmit your characters for approval!

Thank you!


Posted by kovah_666 on 2007.03.07 at 16:28
Hope you like;


I did this one first and after staring at it for ages trying to figure out just what was wrong with it. Becaused i cant stand it now.
So i drew you this one too, though it doesn't have a valentines theme...


by Squeedge


Posted by saezerim on 2007.02.28 at 18:06
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End of February Round!

Posted by valhallahound on 2007.02.17 at 06:37
This month's roll call is now officially closed to further entries as of 12 o'clock midnight February 16th.

The due date for this round is March 17th!

E-mails will be sent later today!

We appreciate everyone who entered, and we look forward to seeing this month's art! Please do your best to have your part turned in by or before March 17th and contact one of the mods if, for any reason, you feel you may be late!

And most of all, have fun!



Posted by valhallahound on 2007.02.14 at 10:05
Alright, though my timing with this could have been better, and had the due date land on the 14th rather than just starting on the date, I believe it would be lots of fun to do a Valentine's Day theme for this month! :D It's just like any other roll call, except your picture must be themed with V-Day in some way. In WHAT way is up to you. Be creative!

How Roll Call Works:

Step One: Type up a description of your hellhound! (Any detail not included in ref pics, personality, etc.)

Step Two: Include your E-MAIL ADDRESS so we can contact you!

Step Three: Link to a referance pic of your hellhound as well as your website/gallery address so we can take a peek at samples of your art!

Step Four: Wait! You will receive an e-mail either politely declining your participation in the round, or we will give you the name of your randomly chosen xchange buddy! (This is the person you will be drawing for!) If you need referance, please refer to this ROLL CALL post! If your participation is declined, we do not mean to be rude or prude, and it does not mean you are stricken from putting your hellhound in future roll calls! Practice makes perfect, and we do require all accepted artists to be able to meet a certain artistic standard.

Here's an idea of what your entry should look like:

Hellhound Name:

General Description:

Reference Pictures:(post full urls please! This is required!)

Additional Information:(if any)

Email Address:

Website Address:


The roll call will be open for the next 2 days. After 12 o'clock midnight Central time, FEBRUARY 16th roll call will be CLOSED and xchange buddies will be assigned! I will then send out e-mails and make an official round starting post listing the deadline date!

Have fun, everybody! Let's make this an especially interesting round!

Fluttershy - Hmph

Attention plaguemask!!!

Posted by kkitty23 on 2007.01.10 at 00:11
Heard above the Howling: Hit Me Up
I actually got this outlined and colored a lot sooner than I thought I would! Oh happiness :D So here's the colored version of Abendstern! I edited the original picture a bit, because it wasn't coming out as cool as I wanted it to. Anyway, hope this doesn't look too horrible!

Lots of Love and LavaCollapse )


Hey Saezerim!

Posted by valhallahound on 2007.01.09 at 19:37
Here's Kviek! :D I hope I got him right. It's been forever since I did just flat colors, and I think it turned out alright. Sorry for the delay!

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Fluttershy - Hmph


Posted by kkitty23 on 2007.01.06 at 00:45
Ok, so I know that I'm late c.c I'm still recooperating from the Christmas rush at work D: Anyway! I got plaguemask's character as my hound :D!!! I absolutely LOVE Abendstern and I couldn't help but think of Bambi 2 the whole time xB I really wanted to draw something funny and kind of related to the Great Prince of the Forest (i.e. "A prince does not "woo-hoo" LOL), but I thought I'd go with something a little more on model. So I settled for him just admiring how amazing his horns are or...whatever else you come up with that cleverly fits his personality x3 I haven't had time to ink/color this just yet, but here's the sketch! And I should have it completely finished by tomorrow, or Sunday at the very latest. I just wanted you to know plaguemask that I hadn't forgotten you!

- [by bastek]

Attention niiku!

Posted by airukitsu on 2007.01.05 at 21:24

I like making him grumpy 8E Hope you like it!


December round ENDED! Art still owed!

Posted by valhallahound on 2007.01.05 at 10:44
Many thanks to everyone who entered!

There are still a few people who owe art, myself included, (BAD ADMIN BAD!) and so the next round of the exchange will not commence until all art has been turned in.

Those who need to post:


If you are not listed here, but you owe art, please send an e-mail to: pocketbatinc at gmail dot com to notify me!

Again, thank you to everyone who participated in this round! Keep an eye out for the next one!

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